Shweta Srivastava
Shweta Srivastava
Human resources professional with 12+ years of global experience in developing and driving talent development strategies and solutions. Extensive background in Learning and Development strategies, Career Development, Competency Models and leading enterprise wide change management initiatives. Known for ability to influence, collaborate and drive results.

Shweta's Insights

Posts: 6
  • Future of Work: Upskilling Future of Work Learning Circle: Automation, will a robot take my job? October 31, 2019 Posted in: Future of Work - Session Focus: Teri is interested in talking about upskilling and reskilling, learning agility, and how companies will evolve learning in the age of automation. Bring your thoughts, ideas, examples as we frame up what upskilling and reskilling means and what the implications for L&D.
  • Preparing Students for Future Work Preparing Students for Future Work October 17, 2019 Posted in: Future of Work - Building on previous discussions by focusing on the systems and challenges of preparing youth to be successful in the future of work. We will move from conceptual research to pragmatic experience by sharing what has been shown to work. How do we scale up what works?
  • Shweta Microsoft Future of Learning is Here! May 17, 2018 Posted in: Future of Work - How big is that challenge? How will jobs change and what kind of future skills will they need? What kind of talent will they require over the next five to ten years ?

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