May 3, 2021 5:30 pm Central Time (US & Canada)

The Power of Moments

As we think about hybrid work teams and all of the implications — what is the right balance and how do we prepare our executives, managers, and employees for the new normal?

Hosted by ELE

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  • May 3, 2021
    5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Session Focus: Explore how we can learn to create memorable moments in our life and work.

Our most memorable positive moments are dominated by four elements: elevation, insight, pride, and connection.

If we embrace these elements, we can conjure more moments that matter. What if a teacher could design a lesson that he knew his students would remember twenty years later? What if a manager knew how to create an experience that would delight customers?

In this interactive session, we’ll delve into some fascinating mysteries of experience: Why we tend to remember the best or worst moment of an experience, as well as the last moment, and forget the rest.

Many of the defining moments in our lives are the result of accident or luck—but why would we leave our most meaningful, memorable moments to chance when we can create them? The Power of Moments Let’s Talk Talent Strategies shows us how to be the author of richer experiences


Let’s Talk Talent Strategies is our invite-only complimentary event for senior HR and L&D leaders, people managers, and anyone with a passion for talent and innovation who is ready to embrace new ideas.

Learn new skills and explore talent development capabilities with this opportunity to Connect Contribute Collaborate & Impact with talent development leaders on Zoom.

  • How Do We in L&D Add Unexpected Value?
  • Why does it matter?

ELE hosts this complimentary event every other Monday on Zoom.

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