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2 Mar

How is DEI Impacting L&D Priorities? | Retooling #20

Virtual Discussion (Complimentary)

While diversity occurs naturally in all organizations, equity and inclusion are the results of concerted efforts among many parts of our organizations, including between the learning and DE&I professionals.

Andres Gonzalez Kristin Derwinski Brian Watkins Angie Zeigler

22 Feb

Let’s Talk about How to Prevent Identity Theft | VHH #19

Virtual Discussion (Complimentary)

Join us after work and pair-up with colleagues to network and test this whole idea of scalable mentoring/coaching, and in this case, How to Prevent Identity Theft.

Margaret Feely Jesse James

18 Feb

Planning the Virtual Session | The Virtual Producer Series

Virtual Discussion

This session plans to cover: Working with your Facilitator, Determining the type of role, Pre-session checklist & logistics, Document Virtual Session Set-Up, Conducting rehearsal, Establishing communication & contingency plan, and Producer/Facilitator Guide.

Jesse James Wendi Barlow Edward Prentice III

18 Feb

OD & IT: Driving Collaborative Culture to Deliver HR Success

Virtual Discussion

It’s estimated that somewhere to the tune of 70% of digital transformations fail, but why is that? Delivering successful HR tech solutions that don’t fail requires building close RELATIONSHIPS and INTEGRATING the IT view into organizational effectiveness interventions.

Teresa Oliszewicz Michael Grubich Behati Hart Jesse James Richard Busby

16 Feb

How is Well-being Impacting L&D Priorities?

Virtual Discussion (Complimentary)

Mental health and well-being were once a taboo topic—especially in the workplace. The ground truth is the opposite. “The importance of a healthy and strong organizational culture, empathetic leadership, and a holistic (i.e., L&D involving all stakeholders) approach to managing these challenges make a difference.”—Kevin Martin, i4cp

Angie Zeigler Brian Watkins Debbie Dwinell Kristin Derwinski

4 Feb

Roles & Responsibilities | The Virtual Producer Series

Virtual Discussion

This session plans to cover: Roles and responsibilities of a Producer, Types of Producer Roles, Common Producer Tasks, Skills and competencies of a great Producer, and Differences between Producer/Facilitator Roles.

Wendi Barlow Edward Prentice III Jesse James

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