Chance-based Learning (Gensler Research)

Codifying Chance-based Learning

Our initial research findings identified there are four natural modes of work, ‘Focus’, ‘Collaborate’, ‘Socialize’, and ‘Learn.’ Through continued research, we discovered that Learning is not a fourth work mode, but instead embeds into the work we do every day.

2019 Research: How We Learn
Future of Work

The Skills Economy How the Workforce Learns in 2019

The findings of Degreed on how the workforce learns – conducted in partnership with HBSP – are clear. How people fuel their careers and build their skills; How high-impact organizations are shifting their corporate learning teams and strategies; How you can help your learners align learning to their goals to drive your organization’s success.

Inclusive Team Learning Experiences

Design & Develop More Inclusive Team Learning

Explore two frameworks that help learning professionals practice better inclusion in learning solution design and development.  User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design profoundly influence learning solution design. 

Work Automation Research (2019, 4cp)
Future of Work

Our Role with Digital/Business Transformation

What are examples of digital transformations organizations are going through, and our role in that transformation? and How can L&D/OD/Talent make an impact during large-scale business transformation initiatives?

Learning Strategy

Your Learning Needs a Comprehensive Strategy

As learning professionals, we are frequently tasked to build learning solutions to solve business problems. Quite often, these needs appear to be a worthwhile investment.


Learn.Develop.Perform Initiative

At a time when employees can go anywhere for their learning (and they do), how do you get them to come to you first? At the same time, what approach can an L&D team take to get employees to focus on their individual development in support of increased performance?

Terri Hart

Enabling Continuous Learning (ideation)

Growing complexity in our work and technologies, like AI, will likely disrupt conventional thinking about things as mundane as a job description.

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