Analytics Learning Circle

Analytics Learning Circle: L&D Maturity Curve

Session Focus:
Where do you fall on the L&D Analytics Maturity Curve?
Case study: Midtown Athletic Club’s COO Challenge: For an L&D initiative–Tell C-Suite What To Do, Business Impact & Measurement Strategy

Creating Your Own Measurement Strategy

Creating Your Own Measurement Strategy

We will explore the elements of a best-in-class measurement strategy and define what it should include. We will begin by examining the reasons for undertaking a measurement strategy since these reasons will provide guidance on which measures should be selected and how they should be reported and used. Then we will review the elements of a good measurement strategy

Using Data to Tell the L&D Story

It Takes COURAGE to Transform Learning & Development: Using Data to Tell the L&D Story

In this video vignette, Madeline & Kevin shares insight on the following…
We have all experienced a time where training didn’t work. How can data & analytics tell a story why? And one where data & analytics showed favorable results.
If time, why when business impact is the number one measure desired by CEOs yet only 8% currently see the business impact of L&D. (Source: LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Report)

Koren Ichihara

HR Analytics & Learning Drives Culture @ AbbVie

In this session, we will walk you through examples from our journey of leveraging people analytics to inform decisions to shape our culture and build our talent capabilities.

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