by Angie Zeigler, Darren Boyce, Kery Mortenson, Brian Watkins, Nick Allen, Molly Murnane, Jeff Gill, DeBorah Lenchard, Don Sandel, Jon Kaplan

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Session Focus: Virtual Recognition in a Virtual Workplace

Retooling Talent Development–Creating a New L&D is ELE’s invite-only complimentary event for senior HR and L&D leaders, people managers, and anyone with a passion for talent and innovation who is ready to embrace new ideas.

This session plans to cover Darren Boyce’s question initiated on the Idea Exchange:

  • 👉 With many in the workforce working remotely, how are your leaders handling employee recognition in this virtual environment? For example, customer service appreciation week is upcoming October 5th. What we used to be able to do to recognize customer service team members in the office with food or gatherings changes when everyone is virtual.
  • 👉 What creative approaches are you taking to virtual recognition?

ELE produces this Retooling Talent Development–Creating a New L&D series.

  • How Do We in L&D Add Unexpected Value?
  • Why does it matter?

We continued the conversation every other Tuesday (bi-monthly) due to an interest in L&D during this pandemic and an overwhelming number of participants. With this 17th learning circle now focusing on forward-thinking strategies for retooling L&D as we embrace the new normal. Let us explore how virtual recognition strategies can help leaders more confidently navigate in these uncertain times.

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Angie Zeigler Darren Boyce Kery Mortenson Brian Watkins Nick Allen Molly Murnane Jeff Gill DeBorah Lenchard Don Sandel Jon Kaplan
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