by Diane Kubal, Teresa Oliszewicz, Wendi Barlow

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With face-to-face meetings at a halt, you are likely wondering how you can convert your in-person training and interactions into virtual experiences. Organizations must now level-up and offer new and creative ways to engage, train, and develop their workforce virtually. The modern workforce demands personalized experiences that are interesting, accessible, and available anywhere, on any device.

What we will explore together
Isn’t this just converting existing in-person content into webinars?

No! Experiential Virtual Learning is different because it doesn’t just deliver knowledge through lectures, videos, and written content. It requires participants to take action, experiment, and apply what they have learned – establishing lasting behavior change. When used in
combination with various methods such as gamification and micro-learning, participants stay engaged and motivated. This kind of learning can be applied to all kinds of content and works incredibly well for “soft skills” training, HR, and OD interventions.

Join this session to see the experiential virtual learning approach and how it can be implemented with or without a technology platform. In this enlightening and interactive session, attendees will:

  • Review design methods for creating Experiential Virtual Learning – Transformed Learning
  • View a sample Experiential Virtual Learning program
  • Discuss other Experiential Virtual Learning courses and interventions
Diane Kubal
Diane Kubal
Teresa Oliszewicz

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