Train the Producer – Virtual Happy Hour Meetup 11

by Dirk Tussing

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Dirk Tussing

For this Virtual Happy Hour Meetup, ELE Producers explore creating a Train the Producer Learning Circle later this year.
We discussed how many organizations use producers to support their virtual training, in what ways, what challenges, etc.  ELE Members meet Producers helping support the next Virtual Learning Leadership Summit on Oct 7th/8th  & various ELE Learning Circles.

Oct 7th Speaker FAQs: How does an ELE Producer support my Zoom session?

As the support person on the delivery team, the Producer is an invaluable resource before, during, and after a virtual training event. He or she is there to support the facilitator, the participants, and the technology.

The producer makes the session run smoothly, troubleshooting technical issues for anyone attending the session, loading polls, and even co-facilitating content (which helps change the dynamics with the new voice).

Here is a small list of tasks the Producer helps with:

  • Open and prepare the session design
  • Load course materials, polls, and testing
  • Set participant privileges
  • Manage session options
  • Demonstrate platform features to participants to optimize their ease of use
  • Provide on-the-spot participant support and technical troubleshooting to keep the session running smoothly with fewer interruptions

For more details, refer to ELE’s Checklist–Zoom Presentations

Dirk Tussing
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