by Dirk Tussing, Marcie Stern, Kery Mortenson, Azizeh Elias Constantinescu, Karen Waterlander, Karen Gelb, Jill Hinrichs

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Dirk Tussing

Executive Learning Exchange invites you to join us at…

ELE’s Virtual Happy Hour Meetup
open from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. (Central Time) | Grab your favorite “quarantini” & Zoom in

Grab your favorite “quarantini” to share & learn with your peer-group with no formal agenda.  We can collaborate on Learning Platforms and the importance of Customer Journey Mapping & Network Effects.

Here are a few starter questions, if you want to drive the topic of conversion a bit:

  1. What is something you’ve been putting off doing that you now suddenly have time for?
  2. What shows/movies have been helping you cope during this time?
  3. What is one small thing you are doing to bring a little joy or comfort into your day?


  1. How do you stay focused when working from home?
  2. What is the most hilarious thing you’ve seen that distracted you from work?
  3. If you had a mantra right now, what would it be?


  1. Who do you see most now?
  2. What is the most annoying thing about that person?
  3. What do you love about being stuck with that person/people?
  4. What are you going to do today?
  5. Who else are you video chatting with?
  6. What exercises will you do?
  7. What are you reading?

Highlight actionable items we have control over instead of dwelling on hypothetical and terrifying scenarios in the future. Lastly, have fun!

Kery Mortenson
Dirk Tussing
Marcie Stern
Jill Hinrichs
Karen Gelb
Karen Waterlander
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