by Marti Konstant

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This Insight is the Q&A segment of a webinar on Career Agility with Marti Konstant, ’95, presented by the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago, and including special guests Jessica Wong, ’00, and Ram Sarabu, ’09.

The results of the attendee poll, which was taken live during the webinar: 20% of attendees were looking for a new job pre-COVID; 6% had lost their job post-COVID; 0% were furloughed; 16% are thinking about looking for a new role; 30% are actively looking for a new role, and 28% were happy where they are and not planning to move.

Special offers and ways to stay in touch with Marti Konstant directly:
• Purchase Marti’s book, Activate Your Agile Career: How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work (
• Access bonus materials at
• Connect with Marti on LinkedIn @martikonstant
• Follow the AgilityThink Instagram Account for models, diagrams, agility sketches at

Marti Konstant
Marti Konstant
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