by Mike Grubich

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Culture change is not like changing a lightbulb where you turn off the light, replace the bulb, and then turn the light back on.  Transforming workplace culture is challenging and requires understanding the unspoken rules and unconscious behaviors, testing them, and then shaping them into the desired state.  It is also critical that everyone in the organization not only understands the story (the desired culture) but that they can write themselves into that story easily.

Culture change requires a plan for shifting behaviors, active communication of progress, and time for everyone to transition through the change.  Establishing change resiliency within your organization is not easy.  There are a set of core elements required for shaping culture in an organization.  After diagnosing, the other elements include unifying, activating, integrating, and sustaining.

Through this process, involve every employee in at least one experience that clarifies behavioral expectations, and which will shape the future state culture.  Organizations that thrive at shaping culture are those best able to align their culture to their overall strategy and integrate internal processes.  In this session, we will highlight details around the five culture-shaping elements guaranteed to help with cultural evolution.


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Mike Grubich
Mike Grubich
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