Psychological Safety: What is it, why it matters & what can we do make better workplaces

by Alex Draper, Brian Watkins

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Strategic Opportunity:
What if everyone in your organization came to work with the belief and confidence they could be their true authentic self, and have the freedom to speak up about their work without fear of negative consequences? This is psychologically safety, and thanks to Amy Edmundson and Project Aristotle at Google, its now something we can’t ignore.

What we will explore together:
We’re just human. Your organizations are just a bunch of humans who work together. All humans have basic needs, and its up to the organization and the leaders within to treat humans as they want to be treated. We now have more job openings than people to fill them, so the consequences of not moving to a people first culture will mean you miss out in the long run on the best talent. This goes beyond the values that we write on our websites and walls. This goes to the core belief system of those who lead people in your business and how they are wired. How many of your leaders create psychologically safe places for their teams to thrive?

Alex Draper


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Brian Watkins
Alex Draper
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