by Tim Gillum, Kery Mortenson

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Our strategic challenges include working in a rapidly changing landscape to get better and more sustainable results across a global landscape. The opportunity involves standardizing processes, tools and technology while enabling rapid performance results.

We established new ways of working with our internal business clients, implemented robust instructional, non-instructional and blended solutions that support a global audience in a rapidly changing landscape to get better results.

Here were some of the key solutions:

  • Deployment of a new learning structure and LMS for the entire organization
  • Optimize how learning is perceived, delivered and measured
  • Establish global learning standards for assessments, instructors and translations.
  • Develop robust, rapid and predictable tools and methods to analyze the business need and understand the systems context, design and develop robust content
  • Offered additional services that include culture transformation, Developing organizational strategies for Quality and Operational business partnerships on a global scale

Lessons Learned:

  • Lessons learned regarding global deployment of standards and tools
  • The power of simple and rapid performance tools
  • Treating cultural transformation as a bi-directional activity (giving and receiving)
Tim Gillum
Tim Gillum Kery Mortenson
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