by Michael Grubich, Nick Allen, Jayson Finnigan, Aimee Louw

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Today’s fast-paced, global business environment, coupled with the growing challenge of a rapidly changing workforce, requires a well-planned, rigorous approach to talent management. Research from Bersin & Associates revealed that companies with highly effective talent management strategies, on average, achieve 26% higher revenue per employee and 41 percent lower turnover among high-performing employees.

While most companies have fundamental talent management processes in place, few have managed to consistently execute and integrate such capabilities across the organization. Few organizations report consistent execution of talent management practices across all regions in which they operate. In addition, organizations have done little to integrate talent practices with other talent initiatives.

Join an experienced panel as we discuss how we approach transforming the talent in their organizations from Selection through Succession.

In addition to audience questions and discussions, we likely will dive into:

  • How assessments enable a high-impact talent strategy from selection through onboard, development and succession.
  • Effective approaches organizations take to integrate talent practices and processes with other business and HR processes.
  • Challenges and gaps that can occur when talent and HR processes are not aligned/integrated.
  • How non-traditional learning and development methods, including coaching advance the development of employees.
  • How technology, adaptive learning and application-based learning improve the learning experience.
  • Effective methods for identifying, developing & integrating emerging talent into succession plans.
Michael Grubich
Michael Grubich
Nick Allen
Jayson Finnigan
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Aimee Louw
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