Developing Front-line Leaders @ Navistar: Integrating Just-In-Time & Social Learning

by Kirk Hallowell

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Strategic Opportunity:
Navistar’s employee engagement scores and our Manager Effectiveness Survey made it clear that many of our front line managers were not demonstrating key leadership behaviors. Leading effective one-on-one conversations, providing timely feedback, and engaging employees in career and development conversations were among the key opportunities for improvement. Our L&D team was committed to develop an innovative approach to solving this challenge through our three-point learning strategy.

Learning Solutions:
Departing from traditional classroom training, the Navistar L&D team partnered with a curated learning vendor to off a unique, six-session program focused on behavior change as a clear outcome. Participants are engaged in learning assignments and activities prior to each session. The hour-long, biweekly sessions are structured to assure that each individual has accountability for implementing new behaviors. Specific leadership issues and opportunities are addressed in a facilitated, peer coaching format. Participant’s take on accountability for their own improvement as well as encouraging and support the growth of others. To date, Navistar has engaged over 200 managers is 25 cohorts have engaged in the program. Ninety-six percent of the participants indicate they had improved on specific leadership behaviors.

Lessons Learned: 

  • Just-in-time and curated content is highly effective and appreciated by our hyper-busy end users.
  • Our blended learning approach has integrated the best of self-directed, on-line learning with social learning.
  • 100% of our leaders say they appreciate the opportunity to learn from the experience of other managers.
  • We are learning that managers themselves can be highly effective in leading learning sessions.
Kirk Hallowell
Kirk Hallowell

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