Purposeful Collaboration: The Essential Components of Collaborative Cultures

by Annette Reid, Jon Kaplan, Alison Cowan, Lydia Rohn, Samir Desai

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Strategic Opportunity:

High-performance organizations are abuzz with collaboration, and for good reason: Collaboration is highly correlated with market performance (this includes market share, revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction) and it’s also one of five shared values that distinguish organizations that are highly effective at anticipating, adapting, and acting on change.

The findings of i4cp’s research on collaboration – conducted in partnership with Professor Rob Cross of Babson College – are clear. The difference between productive and healthy collaboration, and unproductive and unhealthy collaboration can be summed up in how purposeful (i.e. intentional) an organization pursues it.

Discussion Points:
What we’ll focus our discussion on in this session:

  • Based on where you see your organization heading, do you anticipate the importance of collaboration to increase, decrease, or remain the same over the coming year? And, why is that the case?
  • How many of you believe in user-generated content among your employees and what are you doing about it?—this gets at the power of ‘we.’
  • Content vs. Connections (i.e. ensuring the right people are connected) – how should talent development professionals view both when looking at continuous development?
  • What has your organization done – or what does it plan to do – to identify individuals who are (or will be) suffering from collaborative overload?
Annette Reid


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Samir Desai
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