by Avi Kahn

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Highly successful companies have many things in common, but the foundation of any organization’s sustainable outperformance is its people. The search, acquisition and retention of talent is critical to a company’s success – and what Hilti considers to be one of its key differentiators in the market.

In addition to providing its team members a common purpose, Hilti North America has made a commitment to foster an environment where learning and growing is highly encouraged.

Retention remains at an all-time high and nearly 90% of promotions are made from within – with many of these placing team members in entirely new roles or departments outside their functional expertise. 

During this session, learn how Hilti North America has achieved success by rectifying a common talent mistake many companies make – not actively encouraging team members to take the time to formally and informally develop themselves and others.

Avi will focus on tangible, relevant takeaways that can be applied at organizations of all sizes in all industries.

  • Learn how Hilti successfully provides opportunities for development, stimulates the ability to develop and provides a supportive environment for growth to occur
  • Formalizing an approach to development is critical to identifying and growing diverse future leaders from within
  • Programs which provide development opportunities for all team members, regardless of level, are necessary to engage team members long term
  • Empowering team members to pursue their passions – on and off the job – is rewarding for both employee and employer
Avi Kahn
Avi Kahn
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