by Lynn Cowart

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Many firms today are determining which positions have the greatest impact on their market performance. Surprisingly, some of these jobs are not at the top, and a few aren’t even filled by employees. However, each case requires very different retention strategies. Organizations that compete successfully in the brutal war for valuable talent have something in common… They recognize the benefit of investing in the talent they have internally, rather than venturing out externally to find it. They are rigorous about how they evaluate their positions, the people who fill those positions, and most importantly, the strategies they use to retain those who occupy these positions.

Based on the white paper published in the Fall of 2017, Lynn’s discussion will outline the solution around the importance of disproportionate investments in key players in what they call ‘leverage roles’ to give organizations the competitive advantage that is required for not only growth, but overall sustainability.

It is ultimately important to ‘meet our clients where they are’, and implement an approach, although comprehensive in nature, requires us to jump in where the organization is experiencing the gaps. This requires an in-depth understanding of the organization’s strategy, current operating procedures, and culture around succession planning and career development practices.

Lynn Cowart
Lynn Cowart
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