Attributes of World Class Leaders: Inside Insight from GrowthPlay/Chally

by Tracey Wik

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Strategic Opportunity:
Do you know how to identify and nurture your next CEO?

Chief Executive magazine in partnership with GrowthPlay (previously Chally Group,) a sales and leadership research and consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, canvassed world-class companies to identify those companies that excel in leadership development. This session explores what the strategy and tactics of the Best Companies for Leaders do to nurture people three or more levels down the chain from the CEO.

Lessons Learned:

  • Leadership is both an art and a science
  • There are qualitative and quantitative benefits to those organizations who implement best practices
  • Just get started—it is not necessary to have a big budget or a big staff to embark on the leadership development journey
  • Where and why today’s techniques fail: Moving to “Future Focused Development”
  • Using an evidenced based-strategy and new approaches to overcome impediments and derailers.
Tracey Wik
Tracey Wik

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