by Kyle Swanson, Cindy Miller, Dirk Tussing, Ben Betts

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Session Focus: Reimagine Return on Training Content–Take Out Costs & Deliver New Kinds of Business Value

  1. Is Curation of L&D Content a Fad or a Strategic, Integrated Talent Development Capability?
  2. Frontier Communication’s Case Study: Building highly interactive graphical learning using HRDQ’s RTL

Essential Forwarding-thinking Skill: The intersection of Design & Development

We started this experiment with ELE’s one-page Navigating Difficult Conversations Learning Summary curating HRD-RTL content with the license we bought. Then two teams independently co-create interactive prototypes to take this experiment to the next level. More details are on this Insights’ PDF available for our members to access after they log in. Here is a summary of what they focused on:

  1. Using Degreed’s platform for curating content, Kyle Swanson & Cindy Miller created a 163-minute online course for a cohort to build:
    1. Trust & Influence – One Conversation At a Time
  2. Using the getAbstract Micro-Lesson Configurator Tool, Kay Saguiped & DeB Lenchard created three Micro-lessons:
    1. Conducting Difficult Conversations (1/3)
    2. Dealing with Difficult People (Conducting Difficult Conversations 2/3)
    3. Thoughtful Communication (Conducting Difficult Conversations 3/3)

A 3rd curation experiment Dirk Tussing and Kyle Swanson co-created using an online MOOC, Healthy Conversations for High-Performance Teams (using ELE’s platform).

This invite-only collaborative aligns with the research Karen Kocher shared on Oct 17, 2019, Essential Behaviors & Skills Driving for 2019 and Beyond. By participating in this 90-minute, highly interactive virtual learning circle, HR and Talent Development Team Leaders can build essential new skills critical as our workplaces are evolving.

Kyle Swanson
Dirk Tussing
Kyle Swanson
Ben Betts
Cindy Miller

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