Next Generation Career Development: What it takes to Be Successful

by Diana Halfer, Julia Hooper

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Lurie Children’s has had longstanding career development programs for nurses and physicians. Hospital leadership knew they needed a career development strategy for all employees to be an employer of choice—particularly as younger workers joined the hospital. Learn about a piloted career development program for administrative professionals, which is the second largest employee group and has had no formalized orientation, training or career development path.

Career development initiatives are a leading indicator for lagging measures of success, such as engagement, productivity, retention and a robust talent pipeline. Learn tactics for empowering employees during the story of Lurie Children’s pilot which has created a roadmap for a multi-year career development plan. Attendees receive a one-page planning template and keys to a successful career development event.

In this session, attendees will learn

  • How to get resource support through vision alignment with a career development strategy.
  • Infrastructure tactics to support career development, including technology, people and processes.
  • Change management tactics for successful career path implementation and how to obtain and sustain executive support and resources.
Diana Halfer
Diana Halfer
Julia Hooper
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