Contemporary Experiential Learning Strategies: How to change behavior… Fast!

by Alex Draper

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STOP: THINK: ACT—That’s what great leaders do. It’s what we teach them to do. It’s what the research suggests we do. Think before you act. Be mindful of what you are doing to ensure the best results possible. So let’s apply that thinking to our industry. We are here to serve. We are here to support our businesses and achieve results through people. The world and the people in it have changed dramatically in the last 20 years, yet we still use some the same learning theories, same models, same vendors, and we see the same results. For an hour let’s take a step back and in a participative way, brainstorm a contemporary approach to developing people, with one result. Behavior change for the end user that impacts the business and the user in a positive way.

Learning Solutions:
We’ll walk you through a magic formula for learning design and execution, based on 6 key steps:

  • Encourage a GROWTH MINDSET through clear communication and expectations up front
  • Utilize tools that support SELF-AWARENESS of a user’s current reality
  • Ensure there is ACCEPTANCE of the current reality
  • Introduce KEY CONCEPTS AND BEST PRACTICES to identify the ideal future state
  • Enable APPLICATION OF CONCEPTS AND BEST PRACTICES in and out of the learning experience
  • REINFORCE THE LEARNING long after the session to ensure it sticks and new habits are formed

Lessons Learned:

  • Simple steps to create powerful learning that has significant impact on people and the business
  • Where and how to use experiential learning to have the biggest impact
  • Best practices to change leadership habits for the better quickly
  • Who is using this and what impact have they had
Alex Draper
Alex Draper
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