2017 CLO/CTO/CHRO Roundtable: Rethinking Talent Mobility & Managing Talent Risks

by Annette Reid, Sal Venegas, Lisa Doyle, Jay Jamrog, Jesse Pilachowski

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Strategic Opportunity:
Effective utilization of L&D practices is one of the most effective ways to mitigate talent risk, and enabling talent mobility—and monitoring its success—is one of the best ways to create deep developmental experiences. That’s why high-performance organizations are 2x more likely to prioritize talent mobility and clearly articulate the process.

Discussion Points:
What we’ll focus our discussion on in this session:

  • i4cp’s research shows that talent hoarding is the biggest obstacle to talent mobility programs. How do you ensure your managers aren’t clinging to their best employees?
  • Two-thirds of organizations have no formal mechanism to reward managers for developing talent. What could you do differently, starting tomorrow, to make improvements? And if you don’t plan to do this, why not?
  • Organizations that excel at talent risk management have formal talent reviews in place to clearly identify specific talent gaps in critical skills. How do you map your workforces’ current capabilities to the skills needed now and in the future, and identify any potential gaps?


Jesse Pilachowski


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Sal Venegas
Jesse Pilachowski
Jay Jamrog
Annette Reid
Lisa Doyle
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