by Bev Kaye

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In today’s rapidly changing workplace that is more global, multi-generational, dispersed and mobile than ever before, how we once viewed and discussed Career Mobility is no longer ‘good enough’ to ensure long term success. What we are experiencing is more like Career Disruption; not just for the employee, but equally for the leader and the organization. What was once a ladder is now a lattice; and a healthy career is likened to a kaleidoscope – one subtle shift and the entire lens changes in ways we previously could not have scripted. Since its original publication in 1982, ‘Up is Not the Only Way’ has been a cornerstone for Career Development Practitioners, but even more importantly, it has become a mantra for all who coach, counsel, lead and execute career development strategies in this ever-evolving environment. This new edition highlights and emphasizes how and why multiple growth options and experiences are no longer a ‘nicety’, but rather a ‘necessity’ for those looking to successfully grow the individual as well as the organization. ‘Up is Still Not the Only Way’ promises to ‘master the mindset’ on those possibilities with provocative questions, unvarnished truths and break through thinking, to foster new conversations around mobility and development.


Bev Kaye
Bev Kaye
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