Allstate Talent Share Case Study: Philosophy, Approach & Process for Short-Term Experience-based Development

by Viviane Lindgren, Liz Marchi

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Our Enterprise Talent Market (ETM) philosophy and Talent Share programs support the internal advancement of our employees. With approximately 41,100 employees at Allstate, there is no better place to begin our hiring process than with our own people. When a position opens in any department across the company, any Allstate employee can apply for the position. Not only does this program reduce the costs associated with hiring an external candidate, it also preserves the cumulative knowledge and maturity of Allstate’s culture. In the first two years of ETM, internal placement rates doubled, and remain steady.

In 2015, we began leveraging our Talent Share program for more labor-intensive projects, and we integrated Claims into the program. As a result, the number of participants increased to 620 participants in 2015.

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Viviane Lindgren
Viviane Lindgren
Liz Marchi

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