Day: October 23, 2017

The Art & Science of Content Curation

The Art & Science of Content Curation

Sometimes the best place to learn is next to the industry, not within it. L&D can learn from social media and marketing experts who engage people in brand experiences every day. We can also look within to see what is working, how it works, and why it works to develop strategies to engage learners in more effective ways.

How to Change Behavior

Contemporary Experiential Learning Strategies: How to change behavior… Fast!

The world and the people in it have changed dramatically in the last 20 years, yet we still use some the same learning theories, same models, same vendors, and we see the same results. For an hour let’s take a step back and in a participative way, brainstorm a contemporary approach to developing people, with one result. Behavior change for the end user that impacts the business and the user in a positive

Creating a Talent Management Strategy

Creating a Talent Management Strategy

A Google search on this topic will return an endless list of articles, blogs and consultants that suggest what a talent management strategy should look like, key components and best practices. Despite this positive press, research by John Boudreau, Mara Swan and Amy Doyle , suggests that most organizations either lack a clear talent management strategy or if they have one it’s disconnected from the real business context.

Experience Design VS Learning Design

Experience Design vs. Learning Design: Case Study

We are charged with delivering and enabling entire career development experiences to ensure we’re building the right functional capabilities that will help drive the right mix of talent mobility, which will empower our people to deliver on our strategy—and ultimately to deliver what’s best for our customers.

Learning's Role in Culture Transformation

Learning’s Role in Culture Transformation

An organization’s culture can be defined as the complex combination of beliefs, behaviors and actions within that organization. Almost half of organizations said identifying culture has become a key business imperative. The benefits are clear. When a company’s culture aligns with strategy the outcomes are profound and measurable: 44% more employees are engaged 29% lower …

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Creating Innovative Knowledge Transfer Capabilities

Creating Innovated Knowledge Transfer Capabilities

We now have an intergenerational workforce with new demands from Learning and Development (L&D) that is forcing changes on how L & D traditionally delivers learning. The advent of digital transformations, big data and artificial intelligence necessitates that L&D considers other alternatives to provide learning at the “speed of business”. Research and trends are showing …

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Future of Learning is Here

Future of Learning is Here!

The workforce and our world need agile, innovative and business-aligned learning colleagues to face the changing workplace of the future. It is time for the learning field to have a deep and open conversation about how we re-engineer our craft, our skills and our careers. Are we ready to step up to the challenge?

Creating Your Own Measurement Strategy

Creating Your Own Measurement Strategy

We will explore the elements of a best-in-class measurement strategy and define what it should include. We will begin by examining the reasons for undertaking a measurement strategy since these reasons will provide guidance on which measures should be selected and how they should be reported and used. Then we will review the elements of a good measurement strategy

Allstate's TalentShare

Allstate Talent Share Case Study: Philosophy, Approach & Process for Short-Term Experience-based Development

When a position opens in any department across the company, any Allstate employee can apply for the position. Not only does this program reduce the costs associated with hiring an external candidate, it also preserves the cumulative knowledge and maturity of Allstate’s culture. In the first two years of ETM, internal placement rates doubled, and remain steady.

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