by Justin Black

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Employee engagement has the biggest impact on an organization’s performance goals when every strategic leader is aware of, and accountable for, engagement levels. Yet, most organizations miss this opportunity by skipping several critical steps as they work to measure and improve engagement. How can people pros inspire a sense of accountability across the organization?

In order to help your leaders take ownership of engagement, it’s important to be able to frame engagement data within the executive team’s worldviews: What does the business need to achieve? What kind of culture, climate, and employee experience will help us get there? What experience are we creating now, and what needs to change? How will we hold each other accountable for continuous improvement?

In this session, led by Industrial-Organizational Psychology expert Justin Black, you’ll play the role of an Executive Team Member at PeopleCo, and you’ll work with your team members to answer the questions above and build an improvement plan for PeopleCo. A group discussion will highlight the best ideas and known best practices to build a shared accountability framework for employee engagement across the organization–which you can begin to put to use immediately with your leadership and HR teams.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Understand and articulate the link between employee engagement and your leaders’ ability to hit performance objectives;
  • Share data, actions, and results with peers for alignment, support, and collective growth;
  • Hold yourself and your teams accountable for ongoing focus and continuous improvement.
Justin Black
Justin Black
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