Experience Froedtert Health’s Coaching Collaborative Program

by Cheri Wolf-Schulman, Maria Jostad

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Strategic Opportunity:
In our business environment, many believe that characteristics labeled “coaching culture” are really “leadership culture”, meaning a culture that values development of leaders at all levels and in all parts of the organization. Research from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) suggests that attitudes and behaviors associated with a coaching approach represent an important enabling element in organizational cultures associated with innovation, collaboration, and learning agility.

Learning Solutions:
The Froedtert Health Coaching Collaborative is a facilitated group coaching learning experience. Since its 2014 implementation, cohorts of diverse leaders (different locations, professional disciplines, and generations) come together for one full day each month for six months to discuss their work, best practices, share lessons learned, and create efficiencies through shared knowledge. Leaders learn how to manage change in a learning organization while they develop peer relationships across the organization. Broad goals of this learning experience include development of coaching, reflection, and action learning skills. More specific objectives include:

Discussion Points:

  1. Spread core coaching skills: more people can get coached in a group; thereby, more quickly cultivating a coaching culture.
  2. Transfer results of coaching more effectively into the workplace as the nature of group coaching is very similar to the nature of teams in the workplace.
  3. Accomplish prompt actions and results in the workplace as group members and peers share support and accountabilities to take those actions.
  4. Create a culture of learning and reflection.
  5. Build a sense of community by decreasing the sense of silos and isolation that leaders can sometimes experience.
  6. Cultivate a learning organization where leaders/staff are regularly engaged in deep reflection, learning, problem-solving and sharing.

The Froedtert Health Coaching Collaborative model and framework will be introduced with the opportunity to hear directly from a past leader participant.
Lessons Learned:
This session will focus on providing insight into:

  • Identify principles of a successful group coaching model.
  • Describe how active listening, reflective questioning, challenging assumptions, and giving feedback are embedded in this active learning framework.
Cheri Wolf-Schulman
Cheri Wolf-Schulman
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