Creating a New Manager Onboarding Experience

by Brian Watkins

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Strategic Opportunity:
Onboarding continues to be a critical milestone in a new manager’s employee life cycle for setting a cultural tone and strategic alignment to jump start a path to performance excellence. It also has unique opportunity to reinforce the employee value proposition for which new managers accepted a leadership role within your organization.

With increasing pressures from business leaders for maximum speed to proficiency and the ever-shifting expectations of incoming workforce demographics, onboarding deserves a priority as a holistic collaborative solution, tightly woven with the company culture.

Learning Solutions:
During this interactive discussion, Brian will frame up the business challenge Midtown Athletic Clubs is facing with our new managers—a challenge that many companies face.

As a group, you will learn the highly collaborate solutions Midtown is implementing followed by discussion to provide Brian your thoughts on their approach as well as anything gain insight on strategies you are doing at your organization.

Brian Watkins
Brian Watkins

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