by Brent Brazell

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If You Build It, They May Not Come.

Learning leaders have long developed opportunities for development in silos and we have sometimes embraced our ivory towers, allowing consultation and strategic work to be completed by our HR Business Partner colleagues. This can cause a disconnect between what the organization and learners wants from the investments being made in learning. Our constituents begin to voice concerns about the number of courses, the time they are spending away from work and the results they are getting from learning opportunities. Learning professionals must find ways to unite their team and their customers in order to provide a significant impact.

To be seen as effective in the eyes of our organizations, this session will explore how to maximize internal learning team structures as well as guidelines for managing external relationships in new ways that can help organizations see learning professionals and programs in entirely different, positive ways.

This session will focus on providing insight into:

  • Explore ways to develop internal learning team structures in order to maximize effectiveness and learning outcomes in the organization
  • Identify tactics to transform the external learning relationships, processes and tactics in order to develop meaningful relationships with internal customers and ensure meaningful outcomes
  • Articulate adaptive learning mechanisms that help your organization see you and your learning colleagues in different ways and provide new paradigms for learning environments.
Brent Brazell
Brent Brazell
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