Leveraging Degree Programs to Attract and Retain Top Talent

by Sal Venegas, Dara Crowfoot, David Hinman

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As the Chicago job market improves, employees have more choices on where to work. In turn, companies often have to work harder to attract and retain top talent. Offering employees the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees right onsite at the workplace can help companies differentiate themselves, and invest in their employees.

Walgreens and Fifth Third have partnered with DePaul University to offer their employees degree programs that can be completed onsite at their workplaces.

To help guide this discussion, we will encourage Walgreens and Fifth Third to share:

  • What do you see as the benefits of offing onsite degree programs?
  • How did make the business case for offering degree programs onsite?
  • How do degree programs fit into your overall talent development offerings/strategy?
  • How did you get employees to participate in the program?
  • Any early feedback from participants?
Sal Venegas
Sal Venegas

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