How Positive Paradigms Create Positive Performance

by Don Sandel

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Strategic Opportunity:
The data tells us that we learn better, retain more, and cognate at a higher level when we are positive and happy than when in a neutral or negative state. By adding this approach as a strategy, we can improve learning and performance.

Learning Solutions:
With the recent advances in neuroscience, we have seen compelling research around the old paradigm that its success first and then happiness later and how this has been turned on its head. By retraining the brain and developing new positive mental paradigms, we can improve our outlook, how we respond to negative (even ambiguous) challenges, and our performance. Psychologists have completed a meta-analysis and determined that a positive mental model leads to success in every relevant domain, including work, home, and relationships. In this session, we’ll examine the research, take a fresh look at how the brain affects behavior and performance, and give you a few ideas to take action on.


Lessons Learned:
This session will focus on providing insight into:

  1. We need to new paradigm that begins with positivity and leads to success
  2. The brain flexible and malleable, so let’s change it
  3. Talent is not enough: we have more control over our minds and our outcomes than we think
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