Enhancing Engagement by using an Engaging Leader Score

by Elise Kirtland

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Strategic Opportunity:
Aon, a global risk management, insurance and human resources solutions company, has been measuring engagement across the organization for 5 years. While the firm has seen strong improvement in engagement scores across each business unit and geography, they wanted to understand how each leader can effectively increase and influence engagement personally.

Learning Solutions:
Aon’s HR team partnered with Aon Hewitt Talent, Rewards and Performance consultant to create an “engaging leader score” which measures each leader’s effectiveness in influencing engagement and the work experience for their direct team. Aon has been able to use this engaging leader philosophy not only to educate managers on their important role in engagement, but also will begin to use the scores to study data trends across the business in the future. In 2016 Aon provided each manager with enough survey respondents (6,000 managers globally) with customized engagement reports for their teams which also included specific engaging leader feedback. Aon trained managers and HR on how to use the data in the reports to make a real difference for the colleague experience. In 2017 Aon will evolve their approach to also provide each leader with an actual engaging leader score.

Lessons Learned:
Providing managers and leaders with real time engagement feedback is a powerful tool that the organization can use. Ensuring that leadership and the organization truly understand the business benefits of engagement and how engaging leader behaviors fit are an important step to take in the engagement journey. Aon is continuing to evolve their engagement approach and believes that including engaging leader scores will make a difference in increasing the firm’s overall engagement.

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