by Jenny Murnane

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Bellevue University’s corporate partners have created unique learning and development opportunities within their innovative organizations. They are growing their talent pipeline even in the face of the economic, demographic, and technological changes currently taking place in the broader workforce. Dr. Murnane will discuss how Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab has worked with organizations to help strategically align innovative learning programs that impact organizational outcomes and how they are measured. Key performance indicators like retention, performance, customer service, and engagement are positively influenced. Once the initial findings are measured, it is essential to use these results for continuously improving the programs.

Jenny will share the details of how other organizations have approached the development of their learning programs. The Human Capital Lab’s process of mapping human capital investments in learning and development initiatives to business outcomes will also be outlined. Attendees will have the opportunity to begin thinking about the alignment and mapping of their learning and development initiatives.

  • Even the most financially driven metrics can be tied back to learning and development initiatives.
  • Working with collaborative partners and internal stakeholders from the very beginning of program development, not only creates buy-in but can lead to highly impactful results.
  • Never stop thinking of new paradigms for approaching the development of a high-performing workforce.
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