by Kery Mortenson, Tim Gillum

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The current business environment is full of new and exciting challenges for learning and performance leaders to navigate. We are in the midst of a generational changing of the guards with respect to workforce leadership and the evolution of technology at a more rapid rate. As a result, organizations are required to ensure that their mid-level managers engage & retain millennials. It is within this opportunity that learning organizations cannot rely on existing processes to create strategies that hit the target with significant impact. Instead, we have learned how to get ahead of the curve and rapidly drive systematic alignment and improvement.

The PDF executive summary shared in this case study was presented as the final part of a 4-hour workshop of learning & talent development leaders attending the May 12th Exchange.

This workshop provides a hands on approach to leverage a creative blend of performance technology tools with the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this approach breathes new life into the tried and true standards for developing a robust strategy that is fast, focused, fun and sustainable.

This workshop simulates creating an organizational strategy at the ever-changing pace we work in. We begin with the end in mind using a magic wand to establish the desired state. We then introduce the following predictive tools and methods to:

  • Interrogate reality by defining the official truth from ground truth, profe
  • Identify and categorize causal factors using a rapid performance analysis
  • Target solutions that eliminate barriers using a “21 activity”
  • Predict strategic direction and actions using a modified SWOT analysis
  • Isolate key behaviors critical to fuel the desired results with impact
  • Assess the appetite for change with stakeholders using a simple culture pulse
  • Provide an executive summary with immediate next steps with assigned actions


  • Apply a comprehensive strategy for an organization using rapid simple & predictive tools
  • Identify targeted solutions using an effort/benefit matrix
  • Conduct a rapid performance analysis using systematic cause analysis
  • Provide stakeholders guidance on taking strategic action using a modified SWOT
  • Create an executive summary that drives accountability
Kery Mortenson
Kery Mortenson
Tim Gillum

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