by Dana Koch, Jim Goldsmith

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The primary challenge of a Learning Week is to give its participants ample opportunity to examine and discuss the current state of their industry, including its trends, innovations, advances in technology, etc. It can also be a forum for executive leadership to share their vision and strategy of how to address crucial business opportunities in the industry. A well-designed Learning Week provides opportunities for networking, access to thought leaders, and, in general, increases communication and collaboration among the company’s workforce.

Industry Learning Week is an intense, engaging period of learning and community building for a large number of participants. Its goal is to disseminate general knowledge about a specific industry as well as the company’s internal initiatives for that industry. The format is typically a weeklong combination of virtual and local events that offer many opportunities for strengthening networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among the participants.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the business value of an Industry Learning Week
  2. Identify and apply the critical features of an Industry Learning Week learning architecture
  3. Articulate success factors and best practices when executing an Industry Learning Week, based on representative case examples
Dana Koch
Jim Goldsmith
Dana Koch
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