Leadership Development: Measuring Impact

by John Mattox

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The work environment has changed dramatically over the past 3-5 years and perhaps no group has felt this more acutely than leaders. New leadership programs created to address these challenges must produce tangible value as anecdotal examples of effectiveness are not enough. L&D are experts in translating business needs into programs that will improve leadership effectiveness, but typically fall short in closing the loop with the business to share how, and how much, a program has contributed to solving a business problem. This session explores techniques to assess the current leadership portfolio against the strategic pressures facing the leadership environment at your enterprise, expand the range and impact of metrics used to assess the effectiveness of leadership development programs, and present results to business stakeholders in a credible and meaningful way.

This session will focus on measuring the effectiveness of the leadership development programs your organization delivers by leveraging tools that help you connect with business leaders to set expectations, plan to measure at the right breadth and depth and communicate results back to the business at a level of detail that inspires confidence, trust, and partnership.

  1. How to organize and assess existing leadership programs based on their strategic impact to the business and identify gaps
  2. Develop a measurement plan that will provide actionable results – especially if initial results fall short of expectations
  3. Distinguish between metrics to be used internally to L&D and those to be communicated to the business
John Mattox
Latest posts by John Mattox (see all)
John Mattox
Latest posts by John Mattox (see all)

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