Creating Impactful Leadership Development Through Experiential Learning

by Suzanne Coffman

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Many companies are making great investments into leadership development programs with the intent of building emotionally intelligent and effective leaders in their organization. As neuroscience continues to inform us about the nuances of learning we know that the traditional classroom model is not having the impact that is needed. Creating learning experiences that incorporate the needed amounts of attention, generation, emotion, and spacing outlined in the AGES model by neuroscientist David Rock is a necessary skill for the current learning and talent development professional.

Utilizing Experiential Learning creates a highly engaging and impactful format for turning great content into real-life practice. In this session, participants will learn about how companies are utilizing experiential learning in their leadership development programs, and the impact that has on participants. While experiential learning often takes place in off-site environments, there are many ways to build it into your classroom content in small but mighty increments. In this session, you will experience examples of how and when to get your participants interacting with your content and one another.

  • Learn the Experiential Learning Cycle and why it is effective
  • Learn an Experiential Activity that promotes emotional intelligence in leaders
  • Learn how to incorporate Experiential Learning into your leadership development programs
Suzanne Coffman
Latest posts by Suzanne Coffman (see all)
Suzanne Coffman
Latest posts by Suzanne Coffman (see all)
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