Leadership Development Strategies for Learning Beyond the Classroom

by Mike Milsted, Angie Zeigler, Curtis Edwards, Don Sandel

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During this roundtable panel discussion, senior talent and leadership development executives will share stories, case studies, lessons learned and best practices regarding how some learning, talent and leadership development groups are implementing innovative leadership development with a focus on learning outside the traditional classroom.

To help guide this panel discussion, here are a few questions we will try to explore:

  1. Action learning for developing new leaders tends to involve a small cohort solving real problems. As we see an increased in action learning for leadership development, can you share an example of how action learning has benefited each group member, the group itself and the organization as a whole?
  2. Can you share an example where shortening traditional, classroom centric programs by adding coach-facilitated, post-training activities served to both reinforce key concepts and allow deeper exposure to content areas?
  3. In order for high-performing collaborative teams to succeed, they must operate in a culture of trust–in their abilities, in each other, and in leadership. Is “trust” something that is adequately covered in our leadership development programs? If so, give some concrete examples.
  4. How is your organization leveraging social learning? Please share your organization’s views on the unique value social learning can deliver, as well as how to measure and continuously improve these benefits.
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