Aligned, Moving, & Performing into the Future

by Prashant Bhat

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An informal conversation followed by an opened Q&A session with Prashant Bhat who reports directly to Karen Kocher and he will share insight on her featured article, “Karen Kocher: KISS and Tell at Cigna” in January 2014 CLO magazine.

In the January 2014 CLO magazine featured article, Karen mentioned that Cigna built a future-facing capability maturity model focused on 10 critical capabilities. These included customer focus, leadership, innovation, coaching, and data-based decision-making.

  • Why did Cigna do this?
  • For those organizations here today who would like to develop their own Capability Maturity Model, can you provide some insight as to how this model was developed?
  • How does a large-scale development focus on this CMM work? How do employees know what learning is required and when?
  • Can you take us through an example of the learning program for one of your capabilities?
  • How do you measure your learning efforts?
  • Operationally to support and execute to a maturity model strategy, what does your learning organization look like? How is it structured? Any nuances regarding tools or any other tips for supporting this type of maturity model?

You can read Karen Kocher’s article online at

Prashant Bhat
Prashant Bhat
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