by Michelle Burke

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Accelerating time to mastery is the buzz among highly performing organizations. For winning organizations, “speed to market” is no longer only relevant to their products and services but also plays when investing in leadership development. Companies who wish to outperform their peers are figuring out quickly what it means to fast-track leader development and the business value it brings. This roundtable panel discussion dives deep into what accelerated leadership development is, what it looks like, and how top-performing companies are implementing and sustaining unique, high-payoff leadership development programs.

To help guide this roundtable discussion, we encourage sharing the following:

  • What is accelerated leadership development?
  • Accelerated leadership development various points of the talent lifecycle – talent acquisition, performance management, succession management. How are you ensuring that leadership development is effectively integrated with your other talent processes?
  • What are the barriers to integrated leadership development, and how do you overcome them?
  • Implementing accelerated leadership development is a challenge. Sustaining, it is even more of a problem. How do you ensure that your development solutions are sustained over time? And how do you manage leaders’ expectations that their participation is for developmental reasons, not a promise of promotion?
  • When you acquire new HiPo talent, are they invited, or required? To participate in your leadership development solutions? Why or why not?
Michelle Burke
Michelle Burke
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