Continuous Improvement L&D Strategies

by Lisa Schumacher, Chuck Adams

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How do leading companies increase Continuous Improvement (CI) competencies among employees (at different levels) across the organization to support and sustain a cultural shift in CI? What are the various CI competencies, and how do we move beyond solely ‘learning’ to a ‘learning and applying’ model to facilitate the Plan-Do-Check-Act (P-D-C-A) learning cycle among individuals?

To help guide this roundtable discussion, we’ll encourage participants to share the following:

  • Continuous Improvement (CI) is quite the buzz-phrase now … what do CI competencies mean in your organization?
  • How do you manage the learning and applying aspects or competency development?
  • Does your Continuous Improvement journey support an overall business strategy?
  • How do you ensure an increase in Continuous Improvement competency across the various levels of the organization?
Lisa Schumacher
Lisa Schumacher
Chuck Adams

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