by Kery Mortenson, Kent Barnett, Leah Chiles

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As an industry, we have struggled for years to connect learning to business results and use the volumes of data collected by our companies to direct talent development.

In February 2013, Josh Bersin posted on, “Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age,” which explained …

Gartner expects the market for BigData and analytics to generate $3.7 Trillion in products and services and generate 4.4 million new jobs by 2015. While most of the talk is about applying BigData to marketing and consumer businesses, there is an even more significant opportunity to apply BigData to Human Resources. (We call it Talent Analytics.)

This roundtable panel discussion is an opportunity for learning and talent development leaders to learn the basic concepts of BigData and become verbally fluent regarding the benefits of the learning function with emerging trends.

To help guide the roundtable panel discussion, our facilitator will cover some or all of the following:

  • Provide a brief overview of any BigData application for HR.
  • How well do organizations truly understand what drives performance among their workforce?
  • Data Tells the Story … BigData Tells a Story, but how do we listen?
  • Explore how to leverage BigData in HR.

Learn about ELE Enterprise Members’ Talent Analytics models (e.g., Bersin by Deloitte, KnowledgeAdvisors, etc.).

Kery Mortenson
Kery Mortenson
Kent Barnett
Leah Chiles
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