by Kery Mortenson, Tim Gillum

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The current landscape of our business environment is full of new and exciting challenges for performance technologists to navigate. We are in the midst of a generational changing of the guards with respect to workforce leadership, the evolution of technology at a more rapid rate than ever before, and increased regulatory scrutiny resulting from questionable practices within several industries. As a result, organizations are required to ensure that their human capital is ready to meet the challenges of today while keeping pace with the evergreen and socially naked dynamics of remaining competitive in the global economy. It is within this archetype that performance technologists can leverage Ledge Walking Technology to rapidly drive systematic improvement.

Ledge Walking Technology (LWT) is a creative and measurable conceptual blend of performance technology tools with the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this conceptual blend breathes new life into the tried and true standard tools of performance technology and leverages blended measurement tools and colorful storytelling techniques. The practical application of LWT rapidly enables the performance technologist to identify, select, communicate, implement, and measure both instructional and non-instructional solutions. Each of these systematic stages of the performance technology process presents the technologist with challenges we like to call ledges. It is these ledges that we must rapidly decide to either pull our organizational leaders from or simply push them off.

The session will utilize a conceptual blend of Gilbert’s 6-cell, Brinkerhoff’s measurement tools, fundamentals of transformational learning, and the tools of rapid job analysis. Each of these tools and fundamentals has individually demonstrated organizational results as demonstrated through the publications of Gilbert, Brinkerhoff, Mezirow, and an array of performance technologists. This conceptual blend systematically links these proven tools and fundamentals in a simple, quick, and measurable context for the performance technologist. Additionally, this workshop will leverage qualitative analysis and reporting as a method of linking performance technology to the underpinnings of any organization.

Kery Mortenson
Kery Mortenson
Tim Gillum
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