by Mike Livingston, Kery Mortenson

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With today’s business pressures on employees to perform with speed while delivering high-quality products and services, the pressures on quality training are even higher. This roundtable discussion is envisioned to share best practices and give participants tools they can use when they are back at their workplace on Quality Training issues.

To give an example of an industry where quality training has seen significant success in manufacturing. The manufacturing workforce, for this example, is becoming more highly skilled as manufacturing has evolved into a more technology-intensive sector. The general education level of the manufacturing workforce has continued to improve in recent years. Most notably, between 2000 and 2008, the share of the total manufacturing workforce with bachelor’s degrees increased from 16 percent to nearly 19 percent, and the percentage with graduate and professional degrees increased from 5.7 percent to almost 8 percent. The share of manufacturing employees with less than a high school diploma fell from 14 percent to just under 12 percent during the same period. These data are one factor underlying the higher wages paid to manufacture workers who have completed some higher education.

To help guide the roundtable discussion, our moderator, Cami Jacobson, University of Phoenix workforce solutions will cover some or all of the following discussion points:

  • If quality training is mandatory, is it engaging, and does real learning occur?
  • How do the current and relevant key quality issues make it into the quality training curriculum?
  • What learning modalities are most effective?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • How are employees encouraged and engaged in this learning?
Mike Livingston
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Kery Mortenson
Mike Livingston
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