Product Sales Training Strategies Roundtable Panel Discussion

by Greg Newman, Karen Waterlander, Amy Cooper

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Sales representatives need to sell effectively and consultatively in increasingly complex and competitive markets. To succeed, they often need to know a large amount of changing product information. And they need to use that knowledge flexibly to have meaningful and genuine customer conversations. How do leading sales organizations enable reps to meet these challenges? What are some of the strategies that ensure that sales representatives have up-to-date product knowledge at the point of need, during or before a sales interaction?

Potential areas of focus for this panel of sales training leaders include:

  1. Sales Management Training
  2. Product/Solution Sales Training Strategies
  3. Need Now / Know Now
  4. Collaboration Technologies
  5. New Employee Orientation (NEO) Integrated with Sales Training
  6. Measurement

Hear how experts in the field of a sales training approach these challenges and engage in a lively discussion.

Greg Newman
Greg Newman
Karen Waterlander

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