Managing Blind: Redefining Management in a Global Virtual World

by Corinne Miller

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Virtual workers may be on another floor, in a different city, in another country, working in a company facility, from home, or in the field. The demands on managers of a virtual workforce can quickly become overwhelming, causing manager burnout, team issues, and poor business results.

Corinne will help you cut through the clutter and discover the tips that highly experienced managers have taken years to learn:

  • Communicate in a way that gets the message across the first time – improving productivity.
  • Keep the virtual workforce calibrated to expectations – reducing time spent on performance issues.
  • Connect team members across the distance – improving collaboration and reducing conflict resolution efforts.

Learn rich experiences and unique vantage point as a former business leader who managed global virtual workforces across multiple functions including engineering, program management, business management, communications, and organizational learning for more than 20 years; and is now a virtual workforce consultant, researcher, and award-winning trainer known for her engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Be part of a session where you’ll quickly identify your real-world challenges and walk away with practical tips you can use immediately.

Corinne Miller
Corinne Miller
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