by Dina Vance

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Social media is driving changes through all aspects of our society. Now, both positive and negative feedback is shared instantly. Because of the “Twitter revolution,” information is conveyed and consumed in smaller tidbits, quickly and frequently. And, people are more comfortable than ever connecting and sharing with both friends and total strangers. It has changed the way that everyone – including your agents and customers – communicates.

Learn how to harness social media best practices’ power and put them to work in your organization’s contact centers. Plus, you’ll hear how others have avoided the pitfalls and dealt with the complications that social media’s immediacy can bring. In this session, you’ll see how social media can help:

  • Engage employees, which helps decrease turnover and increase loyalty
  • Learners “learn by doing,” network with peers, and transfer knowledge back to the job quicker
  • Break down the communication barrier between leadership and the frontline

This session is a panel discussion of industry experts, moderated by Dina Vance, Senior Vice President of Ulysses Learning. Hear what has worked in their contact centers, what hasn’t and why.

Dina Vance
Dina Vance
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