by Tim Aleck

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Four significant trends shape the current business environment, which has been referred to as the Shift Age. We will explore these trends and the implications for developing leaders within this new business reality. The four significant shifts are:

  1. The move from tangible to intangible
  2. The move from factory worker to artist
  3. The move from content to context
  4. The move from generalized to personalized

To help guide this roundtable discussion, we’ll encourage participants to share the following:

  • Why is foresight (seeing the relevant opportunities that are emerging) becoming an increasingly important competency? How can we develop a mentoring network to help current and future leaders better prepare and apply foresight?
  • Why should organizations broaden their view of mentoring beyond integrating it into traditional point solutions (e.g., HIPO development, onboarding, and diversity development)? How can organizations meet the needs of their established point solutions while creating enterprise-level networked mentoring and knowledge sharing practices?
  • How should generational preferences and expectations (especially those of Millennials/Gen Y) influence organizations to adopt more extensive networked mentoring and knowledge sharing practices?
  • How is the enterprise, networked mentoring different from social networking?

Leaders from Aon Hewitt, Baxter, CDW, and MillerCoors, all Triple Creek’s practitioners, will discuss how broad-based, networked mentoring practices can positively impact and influence future leaders’ development and the entirety of the workforce.

Tim Aleck
Tim Aleck
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