by Alysa Parks, Brian Lambert, Kevin Himmel, Edward Prentice III

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For the past ten years, a shift has occurred in the state of sales professionalism and training. Key players from sales management, sales operations, sales training, and sales academia have teamed to create new strategic initiatives that provide a dramatic shift in the selling occupation, a change you cannot afford to ignore. Attend this session to learn the latest trends and initiatives through a practical and lively panel-discussion of industry thought leaders. As individuals responsible for sales development and sales performance, you will have an opportunity to leverage the specialization and skill from others in all types of industries. Learn the various perspectives on sales competency, sales coaching, sales process improvement, and entry-level sales skills.

This interactive panel discussion will highlight the various roles that are needed to make the new selling reality happen. Panelists will outline critical initiatives such as the latest trends in sales training, the importance of sales coaching.

Attendees will gain:

  • Insight into the competencies of sales trainers, salespeople, sales managers, and sales operations employees
  • Learn new and exciting ways to improve salesperson engagement through continuing education opportunities focused directly on their profession
Alysa Parks
Alysa Parks Brian Lambert Kevin Himmel Edward Prentice III
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